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We're here for you, listening and responding to your needs and ideas in real-time to transform the corneal ecosystem so you can provide the best care possible to your patients suffering from corneal blindness.

SightLife Surgical, with its parent organization SightLife, is the largest and most experienced provider of corneas for transplant in the world — regularly handling more corneas than any other U.S. eye bank to further our mission to eliminate corneal blindness.

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Precision and Innovation
With precise care, SightLife Surgical’s extensively trained medical personnel provide the highest quality, best prepared corneas to meet your needs and your patients’ needs. 

In addition to our core cornea preparation and distribution services, we’re redefining treatment for the corneal blind through a culture of innovation.

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SightLife Surgical’s Services
Precision Cut Corneal Tissue: Offering a comprehensive portfolio of tissue designed to meet your specific patient needs.

Easy Online Ordering: Access exactly what you need — from pre-cut corneal transplant to research tissue —  at your fingertips.

On-Time Delivery: Delivering tissue, on-time, the day of your scheduled surgery (unless requested earlier).

Real-Time Customer Service: Going the extra mile to answer questions and tackle challenges together 24/7. Contact us at (877) 682-8502.

Reimbursement Assistance: Providing reimbursement consulting to help guide you in billing insurance carriers for corneal tissue.
Medical Advancements: Innovating to make the newest, most advanced therapeutics accessible and affordable.

Prevention and Treatment: Investing in prevention and early treatment solutions.

Surgeon Training and Education: Providing Skill Transfer Courses and Wet Labs to get hands-on training in surgical techniques and new procedures. 

Partnership: Bringing partners together across industries to transform the delivery of care in the corneal ecosystem.

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Easy Online Ordering
Our online tissue request system is designed to make ordering more efficient and less time consuming. 

Fast and convenient shipping. We will confirm your order within one day of receipt, and deliver tissue the day before the scheduled surgery, unless requested earlier.
Comprehensive tissue services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the exact standards set by SightLife Surgical and within regulations established by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America. Learn More
Tissue Services
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of corneal transplant tissue, processed to the exacting standards set by our parent organization, SightLife, and within regulations established by the FDA and the Eye Bank Association of America.

We regularly handle more corneas than any other U.S. eye bank. SightLife Surgical technicians have processed more than 45,000 corneas.

Five state-of-the-art laboratories provide the most innovative and advanced processing methods available, seven days a week. So you can be assured that the tissue you order is delivered promptly and meets your precise expectations. 
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Join SightLife’s Global Surgeon Training Program
Since 2011, our parent company, SightLife, has worked in partnership with eye banks in India, Nepal and Ethiopia to increase the supply of corneal tissue to surgeons.

While lack of tissue is one of the main barriers to treating corneal blindness, the volume of patients in the developing world also requires an increase in the number of qualified corneal surgeons. In India alone, there is just half of the surgeons needed to meet the high demand of patients waiting for corneal transplants.
SightLife’s Global Surgeon Training Program, launched in 2014, aims to increase the quality and quantity of corneal transplants performed by building surgeon capability in the developing world. SightLife has trained more than 200 surgeons in PK, DSEK and DALK and seen a 45 percent year over year growth in transplants by trained surgeons.

Help SightLife train more surgeons. Find out how you can share your skills and expertise through SightLife’s Global Surgeon Training Program.
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We're committed to developing and bringing products to the market that are designed to help surgeons provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.
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