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SightLife Surgical passionately believes that everyone in need of a sight-restoring corneal treatment, anywhere in the world, should have access to the care they need.  We can achieve this through three commitments:
  • Medical Advancement: By leading research efforts and developing new technologies for innovative and affordable therapeutics that will transform the medical care available for those living with corneal blindness.
  • Reimbursement & Policy: By removing systemic barriers that limit patients’ access to care and your ability to provide the best corneal treatments to your patients.
  • Prevention & Treatment: By significantly increasing prevention and early treatment solutions, which are critical to eliminating corneal blindness by 2040.
SightLife Surgical's Education Webinar series supports our mission by allowing us to share insights from leading surgeons or experts in their fields so that others can learn from their successes and experiences. 

Prior Webinars

Presented by Mark C. Vital, M.D.

ALK can be a challenging procedure that can be time intensive and frustrating. Join us as Mark C. Vital, M.D. shows you his innovative “Grip and Rip” technique that he uses in preparation of the procedure. This webinar will allow surgeons more insight into a new and different method which may provide better overall results. Watch Now!


Presented By Bennie Jeng, M.D., Deepinder Dhaliwal, M.D., and Nicole Fram, M.D.

Bennie Jeng, M.D. and Deepinder Dhaliwal, M.D. put on the gloves and try to put an end to the age-old question: DMEK or DSAEK?

Moderated by Nicole Fram, M.D., this interactive webinar is an opportunity you'll want to clear your calendar for! 

Presented by Michael R. Banitt, M.D.

Join us for a free educational webinar as Dr. Michael R. Banitt discusses how to avoid and handle graft failures. Watch Now!


What to do when you have a graft failure.

✓ How to avoid primary graft failures early on and infectious keratitis.
✓ Advanced strategies for graft rejection prevention.


Presented by Edward J. Holland, M.D.

Join us for a free educational webinar as Dr. Edward J. Holland discusses the future of Ultra-Thin DSEK, and unveils the thinnest DSEK to date. Watch Now!


Be one of the first to learn about the thinnest DSEK to date.

✓ Get pearls on using this new DSEK tissue.
✓ Discover how to make using this ultra-thin tissue easy and consistent.

Presented by Ravi Patel, M.D., M.B.A.

In this webinar, Dr. Ravi Patel will share his tips, tricks, and pearls on increasing OR efficiency and decreasing time during DMEK surgeries. Watch Now!


Discover simple ways to increase efficiency in the OR

✓ Get pearls on intraoperative management of complications
✓ Uncover tips and strategies for making DMEK faster and easier

Presented by John Berdahl, M.D.

In this webinar, Dr. John Berdahl will share how making crosslinking accessible and viable for your patients and your practice. Watch Now!


The science, protocols, and economics of crosslinking

✓ What options and alternatives are available to you
✓ Methods to make crosslinking work in your practice and for your patients
✓ How to increase accessibility for your patients

Presented by Charles C. Lin, M.D.

In this webinar, Dr. Charles Lin will share his experience and techniques in performing Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) surgeries. Watch Now!


Attaining the big bubble

✓ Managing without the big bubble                                         
✓ Salvaging perforations
✓ Knowing when to convert to PKP

Presented by Audrey Talley Rostov, M.D.

Learn how to talk to your patients about receiving the gift of sight. Watch Now! 

Discover the best way to have the conversation with your patients.
Learn why it is important to help your patients understand what it means to receive the gift of sight.
Explore better ways to understand the Donor Family’s and Recipient’s points of view.
Discover the resources that are available to help you to speak with your patients.

Presented by Bennie Jeng, M.D.

What's better: DMEK or DSAEK with Ultra-Thin tissue? The answers may surprise you. Watch Now!


Comparing the two types of surgeries and their impacts on patients who have had successful recoveries.

✓ A look at the current and past research published by other leading surgeons in the field.
✓ Surgical techniques in relation to doing corneal transplants with ultra-thin tissue.

Presented by Matthew Giegengack, M.D.

Dr. Giegengack will share his tips and tricks on how to make DMEK more efficient, more effective, and safer. Watch Now! 

How to use pre-punched tissue to reduce prep time and potential problems.

Insight into what obstacles you could expect during DMEK procedure.
A first look at how to insert a DMEK graft using the Geuder Glass Cannula.

Presented by Sara Rapuano, M.B.A., COE, OCS

Get the full reimbursement your practice is entitled to! Watch Now! 

Review the three most common types of contracts that govern corneal transplants

Learn about how to calculate “carve outs”
Arm yourself with the strategy to help you win at negotiating

Presented by Nicole Fram, M.D.

In this webinar, Dr. Nicole Fram illustrates her personal guide to working with a graft that is notably much thinner and sometimes more challenging to work with than other grafts. Watch Now! 

Preoperative Considerations: Careful choices that will result in a successful outcome. 
Intraoperative Challenges: How to manage challenging eyes. The real deal
Postoperative Monitoring and Imaging: Utilization of anterior segment OCT to monitor graft attachment, function  and timing to rebubbling.

Presented by Neda Shamie, M.D.

In this webinar, Dr. Shamie takes you inside every aspect of DMEK, arming you with the answers on how to perform the procedure. Watch Now! 

Detailed explanations paired to video clips of her own DMEK procedures
Insight into what obstacles you can expect during DMEK
In-depth solutions for how to best circumvent those challenges